Want to Sell Tarot

Want to sell Tarot RC Products?

Here are many reason to purchase directly from Tarot RC Heli.com USA Sole Distributor:

1.       Competitive pricing

2.       Save on time in shipping

3.       Large Inventory

4.       Warranty products here in the USA no waiting for overseas shipments

5.       We are a sole Distributor in USA for Tarot Products which means better customer service for you and your customers / no waiting on responses from overseas resellers and delayed customer service.

6.       Fast shipping!

7.      Best customer service in the industry

Please contact us via email and please provide the following:

1.       Business Information

2.       Contact information

3.       Store front or website / both?

4.       How long you have been in business

Contact us : sales@tarot-rc-heli.com

Thank you