Tarot RC X Series Electronic Retractable Landing Gear

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Product Description
  • Full metal electronic retractable landing gear. 6061T6 aluminum alloy applied, CNC processed.
  • Simple structure, easy assembly
  • Equipped with high torque motor
  • China Patent Number: 2014302624585, 2014204282854
  • M3 aluminum bolt x2 (8.8x37MM) 1.5G
  • M3x12MM Hex screw x2
  • M3x8MM Stepped screw x2
  • Electronic Retractable Landing Gear Set x1 (115x34x36.5MM) 77G
  • 4x6MM Rivet x2
  • 25MM 3K CF boom x1 (25x23x349MM)
  • 25MM to 16MM Plastic Adapter TL96017 x1 (25x45MM)
  • M2.5x25 Hex Screw x1
  • M2.5x30 Hex Screw x1
  • M2.5 Screw Nut x2
  • 16MM3K CF boom x1 (16x14x445MM)
  • 16MM Foam Sleeve for Landing Gear TL96022x2 (16x25.8x31MM)

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