Tarot 450 Pro RC Helicopter TRCH20003

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Tarot RC Helicopter 450 Pro Kit is Machined from 6061-T6 Alloy and Highest Quality Carbon Fiber  

Design Features:   
Newly Designed head with High Rigidity and Stability Block. 
TAROT 450 Pro 
Single piece bearing Integrated Design of Main Block and servo mount 
Length: 638mm 
Single piece Integrated Design of Anti-rotation guide and Gyro mount. 
Height: 232mm 
Single piece Integrated landing Gear. 
Main Rotor Diameter: 712mm 
Highly stable flybar Control System. 
Tail Rotor Diameter: 158 mm 
High Precision bearing mixing arms. 
Motor Drive Gear: 13T 
Newly Designed High resolution swashplate. 
Main Drive Gear: 150T 
Single piece mount with Integrated Canopy mount Battery Designed to bring CG closer to disk Plane. 
Autorotation Tail Drive Geat: 106T 
Highly Rigid frame with single piece carbon Side and bottom plates. 
Drive Gear Ratio: 1:11.5:4.24 
Shaft Driven tail highly Efficient Design. 
Weight (WLO Power System): 450g 
Weighted tail Rotor Blade grips to Repel centripetal forces. 
Flying Weight: Approx.780g
Straight-up in-frame rudder servo mount for Improved Geometry. 
Newly Designed Aerodynamic Canopy. 
Newly Designed High strength main blade grips    


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