Tarot RC 5D3 Canon 5D Mark III Gimbal

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Product Description:
    Tarot 5D3-axis-stabilized head designed for the Canon 5D Mark III camera customization, integration of TAROT series PTZ all high-end technology, with full CNC overall ribbed slab structure of industrial design, its integrated molding characteristics bring the strongest lightweight and stability. Even in extremely harsh environments, can also lock the camera to maintain a high degree of precision stability and output the ultimate experience of sophisticated industrial grade screen. Television is the best choice for professional aerial photography and commercials. 
    To give customers a good shooting experience, with a highly integrated design modifications, available separately as a hand-held head quick release handle used to get a machine with two of photography experience. 
    Tarot 5D3 three-axis-stabilized with excellent math skills PTZ PTZ control system, built-in stand-alone IMU precise attitude control PTZ, PTZ and integrated servo drive module, supports gesture lock, pointing to follow and the first three modes of regulation angle . Built-in slip ring to avoid the line wrapped all the power and signal lines subtly embedded in the head holder. Creative mechanical design allows speed-controlled three-axis, rotation speed lever amount corresponding rocker shaft, the greater the amount corresponding to the rod axis rotation faster. Product Features: Support computer interface setting gesture lock mode (AL) directed follow-up mode (PF) first-person mode (FPV) built-in independent IMU module TAROT PTZ dedicated servo drive module AV output interface camera shutter control support a wide range of input voltage support S-Bus / PPM / DSM receiver supports

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