• Tarot T15 Combo Kit

Tarot T15 Combo Kit

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Tarot T15 Hex Combo Kit 

This kit comes with everything you need including a pair of flight batteries! This is a really complete kit , just add your radio and or FPV kit if you chose so and fly! Comes with everything you see and if you are starting a small business and need drones / multirotors equipment this is the best choice. These combo kits are set up to Tarot's specifications and have incredible performance just like what you would find all professionals using. you could defiantly pay a ton more money with other companies and get the same quality of product. We offer soft build services if needed and just add your equipment and program and fly. 

Product Description:

  • Designed for portable purpose. Suit for light capacity, long time, and large range job, like RC monitoring, aerial researching, measure sketching, farm developing… etc.
  • Applicable to 5DII, RED EPIC, C300, FS700… etc.
  • Toray 3K hollow carbon fiber booms applied, CNC processed.
  • Light weight, high strength, vibration resistant.
  • Battery mount is detachable, prevent crash damage.
  • Light weight motor mount is CNC processed, double color appearance, brings strong visual focus.
  • Applicable to diameter 12MM booms and 155MM diameter gimbals.
  • Applicable to foldable GPS antenna mount, 8 in 1 Aggregator, and multi-copter foldable landing gear.   

Specific introduction:

  • Boom diameter: 25MM
  • Distance between axis diameter: 1020MM
  • Kit diameter: 1070MM
  • Height: 420CM
  • Center plate: 301x209x2.5MM
  • Motor mounting pitch:
  • 16MM/ 19MM/ 25MM/ 27MM equilateral triangle installation.
  • Propeller specification: 15’’ CF propeller TRCH2831/TRCH2813/TRCH2812
  • Brushless Motor: 4114/320KV, TRCH100B08-02/TRCH100B08-01
  • Battery: 6S 22.2V 10000-15000MHA
  • Brushless ESC: 35-40A
  • Mounting boom diameter: 12MM
  • Weight with full accessories: 8KG
  • Kit Weight: 1.95KG


  • T15/T18 Battery Mount [TRCH15T01] x2
  • T15/T18 Aluminum Bolt [TRCH15T02] x2
  • T15/T18 Metal Reinforcement Plate [TRCH15T03] x1
  • Pure Carbon Boom for T15 [TRCH15T04] x4
  • Pure Carbon Boom for T15 [TRCH15T05] x4
  • T15/T18 Foldable Oct-copter Mount [TRCH15T06] x2
  • Main Plate for Foldable Oct-copter T15/T18 [TRCH15T07] x1
  • Foldable Mount for GPS Antenna [TRCH15T08] x1
  • T810/T960 Foldable Landing Gear Set [TRCH96013] x1
  • Multi-copter Spacing Shim / 4 pieces [TRCH96021] x4
  • T810/T960 Gimbal Hanging Parts [TRCH96014] x1
  • 8 in 1 Aggregator [TRCH100B14] x1
  • Metal Clamping Holder for Multi-copter [TRCH9605] x8
  • 25MM Motor Mount for Multi-copter/ Orange [TRCH9602] x2
  • 25MM Motor Mount for Multi-copter/ Black [TRCH9603] x6
  • Titanium contact file x1
  • Water sticker x8
  • Color sticker x2
  • Velcro sticker x2
  • Instruction x1
  • Spare screw pack x1
  • Color Box x1

Tarot T15 Combo Kit Includes:
Tarot T15 TL15T00 1
Tarot 4114 / 320KV multi-axis brushless motor TL100B08-01/ 02 8
XRotor-Pro-40A-3D ESC  TL2924 8
Tarot 1555 highly efficient folding propeller TL100D04 4
 ZYX-M Multirotor Flight controller ZYX25 1
Tarot GOPRO T4-3D TL3D02 1
Alien Power Hubs w/ Voltage reg.   1
Tarot OSD  TL300C 1
Lipo Battery 10000mah 6S 25C   1
** kit comes with qty 1 lipo as shown is optional dual batteries. 


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