UN-A6 charge tender charge up to 8 batteries at one time

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UN-A6 charger is designed for dedicated nanny UN-A6 charger extender supporting charging, it allows you to automatically rotate multiple battery charging, and also has an automatic rotation discharge function! When you have multiple sets of lithium battery needs to be charged, just the battery, respectively, received UN-A6 nanny any one charging port, it will automatically detect whether the battery needs to be charged, if the need to recharge, it is automatically full, full automatically jump to the next port for charging, very easy to use!
UN-A6 nanny pack provides eight ports! Each charging port in turn divided into a 6S, 2 个 3S, 3 个 2S charging port. As UN-A6 charger adopts the partial pressure of charging, so each group of ports may simultaneously access a group 6S lithium batteries, or two groups 3S lithium batteries, lithium batteries, or 3 groups 2S! You can get an amazing number - UN-A6 nanny to support the maximum number of batteries: 24 Group 2S lithium batteries, lithium batteries and 16 groups of 8 groups of 3S 6S lithium batteries, and can be carried out using the maximum current of 5A charge!
UN-A6 charger uses a partial pressure charging, it is for every single piece cell Lithium-ion batteries for charging, charging pressure than ordinary strings Charger + balancer way more advanced, charging effect is also better - both are fully charged, and can charge to make almost-perfect balance effect!
UN-A6 nanny used to replace the traditional relay MOS transistors, MOS tube only 6 milli-ohm resistance, can greatly reduce the transmission voltage drop, can achieve high current charging, the maximum charging current of up to 5A! Workmanship, use of materials, reasonable design, easy to use, safe, reliable, reasonably priced is the UN-A6 nanny most significant feature! This product is able to bring you an unexpected ease of use!
UN-A6 nanny's main features:
- using array voltage driver circuit, do not use the relay, switch life without limits 
- using low-resistance MOS transistor reduce transmission losses, to achieve high current balance charge 
- Lithium battery supports up to 24 groups of 2S, 3S lithium Battery 16 groups, 6S lithium rechargeable battery 8 automatic rotation group 
- a professional discharge circuit, can access all of the S monomer alone battery pack discharges the battery can discharge the voltage unbalance balance 
- can be set to discharge cut-off voltage (1.5 Step V to 4.2V 0.01V) 
- Built-in temperature sensing fan cooling (when discharging work, charging temperature is very low, generally will not trigger the fan rotation) 
- Safety features: irregular workers found the charger automatically within 5 seconds cut off all battery packs to prevent accidents 
- aside, there are two data input interface, compatible with UN-A6 new and old versions of the solid! (Currently sold UN-A6 charger are new versions)
UN-A6 nanny Specifications: 
Dimensions: 167mm x 84.6mm 36mm 
Weight: 320g 
Maximum charge current: 5A 
supports charging: 2S lithium battery 24 group, 3S lithium battery group 16, 6S lithium battery 8 groups 
Charging mode: automatic rotation charging 
other functions : Discharge (Discharge cut-off voltage can be set, step 0.01V) 
Requirements: must be used in conjunction with UN-A6 Charger 
Note: To use the high current charging, the power must be suitable for switching power supply. Recommended ZY P12 switching power supply.


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