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The TAROT ZYX high performance multi-function 3-axis gyro system is the lightest flybarless system in the world. It is compatible with all 200-700 nitro or electric power helicopters and support 90, 120, 135, and 140 degree CCPM swashplate systems. Furthermore, it is compatible with all type servos, and support firmware update. The setup process is quite easy, needs only ten minutes.
ZYX 3-axis gyro system provides two different flight modes, which can satisfy players from beginners to advanced. ZYX 3-axis gyro system has many adjust options; pilots can adjust the parameter of swash plate and rudder servo, which make pilots feel the impressive of the flybarless helicopter.
ZYX high performance 3-axis gyro system uses MEMS gyro sensor which can be used in bad weather condition and pilots can control the flying status of helicopter precisely. Built-in pirouette flip optimization function, the speed of pirouette is really stable. When the helicopter pirouettes flip, the fuselage will spin at one point without shifting.

Specification:   The ZYX-S and ZYX 3.0’s new function:
1) Dimensions: 37.2mm*25.2mm*13mm   1:The ZYX-S add DSM2 and DSMJ satellite receiver support function.
2) Weight: 9.8g (not including connecting wire and adaptor)   2:The ZYX-S add Futaba S-Bus receiver support function.
3) Operating voltage: DC 3.5V-9V   3:The ZYX-S add failsafe function when using DSM2 and DSMJ satellite receiver,
4) Operating current drain: 60mA          user can set the failsafe values for throttle and collective pitch.
5) Operating temperature:-15C~65C   4:The ZYX-S add four aircraft configrations: ‘+’ quadrotor, ‘X’ quadrotor,
6) Maximal angular velocity: 800 degrees/sec          conventional airplane(enhance hover and 3D flight), delta airplane.
7) Tail servo compatibility: 1.52ms analog servo, 1.52ms digital servo, 760us digital servo, 960us digital servo   5:The ZYX-S can use the USB adapter to connect to PC, the new PC software is
8) Swashplate servo compatibility: 1.52ms analog servo, 1.52ms digital servo          ZYX 3.0. It can be setup by the ZYX multifunctional gyro programmer.
9) Radio compatibility: PPM, PCM, 2.4G   6:The ZYX 3.0 add parameter explanation function, put the mouse on the    parameter
10) Supporting firmware upgrade    
11) Supporting Multi-Blade Rotor Head    

Package Includes:
ZYX 3 Axis Gyro x1
Single Wire x3
Sticker x1
Gyro shockproof Pad x5
Instruction Maual


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